Springfield Road Traffic Signal

Springfield Road Signal

​Project Description

The proposed project includes a new traffic signal on Springfield Road (Route 20) roughly half way between the existing traffic signals at Union Street and Walmart.  The project includes widening of Route 20 to provide a dedicated westbound left turn lane into shopping plazas on the south side of the road.  The new signal will be coordinated with existing adjacent signals to improve traffic flow through the corridor.  The majority of the project is funded by a grant received through the MassWorks Infrastructure Program to support economic development and job creation.


The work is proposed on Route 20 which is a State highway and requires a permit from MassDOT.  The 100% Design was submitted to MassDOT in January of 2019 and is currently under review.  The current schedule anticipates a construction start in the Summer of 2019.  We will provide updated drawings and schedules as the project advances.


The current drawings can be viewed here:  PS&E Design Drawings