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Little River Road Project – How, Why and When?

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It has been almost an eternity now, and the Little River Road project appears to be coming to an end, and that was a question among others, I had the opportunity to ask of City Engineer, Mark Cressotti.

Road Construction

Q:  When did the planning for this project start?

A:  The planning for this project began in 1999.  At that time, the DOT anticipated having more monies available to grant to cities and towns.  They requested project proposals, with the Route 187 project being one of 4 proposals that were submitted by Westfield.  It was the one chosen for funding.  Project integration involves the State providing 20% of the funding, Federal matching 80%, with the costs of design, permitting and right of way acquirement up to the city.

Q:  Why was 187 identified as a project?

A:  At the time, Route 57 expansion into Southwick was a real possibility.  With the anticipation of increased traffic from this project and deteriorating pavement conditions, this was identified as a worthwhile project.  The project was broken up into 3 sections, with the Feeding Hills Road portion having been completed last year; the Little River Road section from Tow Path Lane to the Sherman Bridge; and Shaker Road from Little River to Laurel Ave. 

Q:  If I live on Little River Road, how will this project benefit me?

A:  The construction will provide a smoother and more accommodating roadway.  There are now dedicated turning lanes at the light at Shaker Road, and the light is video detected.  Residents on the Western side of Little River Road will no longer experience flooding in their back yards.  Runoff from the Ridgecrest development did not drain properly and actually was directed to a cracked canal pipe.  This has been replaced and the runoff directed appropriately.  Sanitary sewer hookups will soon be available to residents on this street from Shaker Road to Violet Circle.  There were improvements also made to the bottom of Ridgecrest Drive.  A newer retaining wall is being built, guardrails going in and sight lines should improve at the exit, as the grade is reduced from the uphill side of the road.

Q:  How much longer?

A:  The road is currently being prepared for final paving.  Night paving is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 10, (weather permitting) from 7 pm – 7 am, finishing up by Saturday, October 14.  The contract is in effect until Spring 2018, when the contractor returns to finish up landscaping work.

Thank you, Mark Cressotti.